Restaurant Consultancy

UAE Business Solutions Restaurant Consultancy division provides a vast range of restaurant management expertise with over 25 years of experience, internationally and locally. From a small café diner, a delivery restaurant or a 300 seating capacity restaurant, we tailor bespoke strategies to suit your restaurants goals and success.

Create Your Own Restaurant Concept

Need help in creating your very own restaurant concept? We can help you understand and derive the key ingredients into the right placement of your concept or we can create your very own brand.

  • Logo design and concept creation - creating a story behind the key elements of your concept
  • Menu design
  • In house Point of Sale design and collaterals
  • Brand Identity
  • Website and social media channels integration
  • Offline and traditional marketing strategy

Restaurant Feasibility and Concept Development Management - Pre-opening

This package is ideal for those new entrants into the world of restaurant management and helps you better understand what you can or cannot expect once you open your new restaurant concept. The following areas are covered as part of this package:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Business plan for the first operational year
  • Location analysis- what you need to know about the location you have selected.
  • Menu pricing and costings

Restaurant Accounting and Financial Planning Management

One of the most important functions within any business is accountancy, we provide a consultant who will review your existing financial arrangements and provide recommendations for improvement. Accountancy covers a wide range of options and the following areas are covered within this package:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Audit
  • Company valuations
  • Payroll
  • Financing
  • Operations
  • Risk management
  • Compliance
  • Financial strategy

Restaurant Operations Management

The restaurant operations management package consists of the following areas.

  • Day to day project and Operational Management
  • HR Programs and routine
  • Daily reporting formats Information Technology/Point of Sale reporting

Restaurant Health and Safety Management

Part of any successful restaurant operation is the correct handling of food at all stages in its manufacture, storage, distribution and sale. It is essential to ensure the food remains safe and wholesome. One of the most effective and cost-effective methods of reducing the risk of food poisoning is to ensure that staff receive comprehensive training in the aspects of food hygiene relating to their work.

How will you and your company benefit from training?
Training assists you to meet the requirements of UAE food hygiene legislation which requires food handlers and their supervisors to demonstrate an appropriate level of competence in food hygiene. Training will also assist in creating a profitable operation by reducing food wastage and the exposure of customers to food poisoning.

Contact us for more information on the training courses below and how they can meet your needs.

  • Basic food hygiene
  • Person in charge (PIC) Level 2 & 3
  • Essential food safety
  • Sharjah food safety program
  • GHP Manager and staff
  • Intermediate food hygiene
  • Advanced food hygiene
  • ISO HACCP Awareness
  • ISO HACCP Internal auditor
  • ISO HACCP Implementation
  • TQM Implementation

Restaurant Marketing and Sales Management

This package will help your restaurant aim for the right kind of consumers in the marketplace and to not only help customers identify your brand but also to keep them interested in your products. This package will help you better understand the following areas of your marketing and sales strategy:

  • Competition analysis and how to differentiate your product from the rest.
  • Trend Analysis- Latest food trends and changes in the market.
  • Marketing calendars based on the target audience to generate better conversions and return on investments on marketing spends-Consists of online and offline marketing methods

Restaurant Purchasing Management

Become an improved purchasing manager with this package, which will introduce you to a new set of skills and areas that will help you manage your purchasing and procurement channels to be more cost effective.

  • Improved purchasing methods
  • Price-check analysis on raw materials vendors.
  • Improved receiving and return methods to reduce daily wastage and high food cost
  • Improved stocking methods to avoid food wastage
  • Reduction in food and purchasing costs.

Menu Engineering and Food Cost Management

One of the most significant factors of a restaurant success is how well the menu is engineered and its costing. This area of Restaurant consultancy highlights the detrimental factors behind the food sold.

  • Product placement within the menu structure
  • Food cost and portion control on all menu products
  • Pricing your products correctly
  • Engineering your menu with an inventory that will reduce wastage and eliminate losses.
  • Eliminating unwanted products and wastages that are part of a menu

Restaurant Crisis Management

Is your restaurant on the verge of a destructive closure, does it seem that no matter what you have tried and implemented, nothing works?

Are you spending on marketing with no returns, or having a high turnover of staff? With our experience we can tell you exactly where you might be doing something wrong, and the corrections you need to save your business. This package covers all critical areas of the business and provides you with a report on the overall health status of your business.

  • Food costing and purchasing
  • Accounting and financial status
  • Menu concept and engineering.
  • Marketing budget and planning
  • HR management and planning

Restaurant Owner Representation and Legal Support

This package provides a scope of services related to all legal and local authority matters for the succesful and safe running of your restaurant business. Our aim is to ensure that every interest of the owners/ shareholders are met.

The following areas are provided as part of this package:

  • Business valuations
  • Sale or transfer of your business
  • Local authorities liason – Economic department, immigration, labor
  • Municipality- health and food liaison
  • Local Sponsorship Liaison
  • Suppliers Liaison for negotiations and settlement
  • Landlord Liaison