Our services

Accountancy Services

We offer a wide range of accounting services to assist with the financial needs of any business. We ensure that the financial statements produced, comply with International best practice and are committed to keeping the highest level of professional standards and quality.

Feasibility Study

Before writing a business plan we need to identify how, where, and to whom you intend to sell a service or product. We also need to assess your competition and figure out how much money you need to start your business and keep it running until it is established.

Business Plans

We pride ourselves with developing clients initial business ideas well before a business takes shape. We begin with the business idea, study of the idea and prepare a fully costed project report that helps in determining the operational feasibility of the business idea.


We offer regular payroll activities, such as transactional processing services, payroll and bank reports, internal audits, payslips. We also offer enhanced solutions that deliver labour law compliance, enable employee self service, individual client customisation of payroll processes and financial reporting that enables company decision making.

Company Valuations

We offer a complete range of company valuations, mergers and acquisition services. We have extensive experience allowing us to provide guidance to determine the value of a business which is reliable for third parties. Our team provides assistance with merger or joint venture set-ups, from initiating dialogue with potential partners, our team will assist you with every step of the process.


We are experts at helping you quickly change processes in your company to increase profits, decrease costs and improve cash flow. Businesses typically use our services when something in their business is significantly out of balance. Many business owners who hire us do not even know what part of their business needs help. We prioritise what needs to be done first to provide a positive difference to the company.