Which Accounting Software is best for you?

As an outsourced accounting company we provide free accounting software to all new clients.  Sage Peachtree is the perfect accounting software for SME’s (small to medium enterprises). It packs a host of features whilst being easy to use.

Sage Peachtree

Sage Peachtree has standard features such as sales ledger, purchase ledger and nominal ledger.  It also has inventory management, job costing, and payroll and employee management.

The reporting capabilities of Sage Peachtree are excellent.  The business status feature also gives an overview of the company’s financial performance in the form of a dashboard.

Overall we would rank Sage very highly and we always recommend it to new clients.

We are aware however that there are a number of accounting software packages available. You have the option to buy or subscribe on a monthly basis.  Quickbooks, Xero, Tally and Zoho are choices but which one is right for your business?

The key questions to ask before purchasing your accounting software are:

  • Am I keeping inventory?
  • Does my accounting software have to integrate with third-party software such as POS and CRM systems?
  • Do I need cost/project tracking functionality?
  • How many cost centres am I running?
  • Does my online banking need to integrate fully?
  • Do I want to raise purchase and sales orders from my accounting software?
  • How many users will I need?
  • What reporting capabilities do I require?
  • Do I require access to my accounting software wherever I am?
  • Do I want to run payroll and HR from my accounting software?
  • How much am I willing to pay?
  • Does my auditor require information in a certain format?
  • Will I be employing an accountant or preparing books of accounts myself?

This is not an exhaustive list by any means. It is designed to make you think about your business and the functionality your accounting software needs to meet your business deliverables.

The best approach is to seek the advice of your accountant or outsourced accounting provider. They will review your business and ensure your choice of software meets your needs.

If you would like advice from an outsourced accounting provider feel free to contact us. We will be delighted to assist.

Steve Armitage

Managing Partner

UAE Business Solutions


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